Wheel Alignment

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2 or 4 wheel aligmnemt
limited time offer
Timperley, South Manchester
2 wheels: £55 4 wheels: £85
front and rear wheel alignment
takes less than 40min
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Book your vehicle in today - limited time offer: 4 WHEEL ALIGNMENT ONLY £50!

2 Or 4 Wheel Alignment Testing

Our wheeel tracking and alignment service includes the following for only £85 :

  • Full alignment testing of both front and rear wheels.
  • Fixing tracking/alignment of front wheels, if necessary*

For 2 wheel alignment, the cost is only £55

* If your vehicle needs adjustment to the rear wheels, we will discuss the options with you

Please fill in this form to book your vehilce in or phone us on 0161 710 2069 to speak to us. Wheel alignment costs are shown above.

Book Wheel Alignment Test

Please phone us on 0161 710 2069 or fill in the short form below.

Limited time offer includes 4 wheel alignment test and fixing tracking alignment of front wheels for only £45

Signs You Might Need Wheel Realignmented Wheel Realignment

wheel alignment

Signs You Might Need Wheel Realignment

  • Uneven wear on tyres
  • Steering pulls or drags left or right
  • Squealing noise at low speeds
  • Juddering / vibrating vehicle / steering wheel.
  • Hitting the kerb / pot holes / bumps in the road.

Your vehicle should have it's tracking and alignment checked every 10,000 miles.

Please fill in the form on this page to book your vehilce in or phone us on 0161 710 2069 to speak to us.

Wheel Alignment Checks

The following features are tested in our 4 wheel alignment tests:

  • Steering Axis Inclination (SAI)
  • Camber, tilt of the tyre when viewed from the front. Negative camber is when the top of the wheel tilts inward towards the vehicle body.
  • Caster, the angle that the steering axis makes with the vertical.
  • Toe in and Toe out: looking from above, whether wheels point inward, outward, or are paralell

Consequences of bad alignment

  • Tyre wear
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Increased braking distance
  • Running your vehicle with badly aligned wheels is expensive - increased fule costs, replacement parts and tyres.
  • Get your wheel alignment checked and fixed today, and run your vehicle cheaper, safer and for longer.
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wheel alignemnt checks
wheel alignemnt checks
wheel alignemnt checks
wheel alignemnt checks

Timperley Service & MOT

All wheel alignment work is done by our sister company Timperley Service & MOT just next door.

If you have any questions, please call us on 0161 710 2069 or fill in our enquiry form here.

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