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Over 7,000 tyres in stock
nearly-new roadworthy tyres
pressure tested to 3 bar
UK next day delivery
a fraction of the cost of new
fully inspected & tested
Onsite fitting
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Please get in touch today, we're sure we'll have the tyre you want

Part Worn Tyres

With over 7,000 tyres in stock , we are confident that we will have the tyre you want.

All of our tyres are fully pressure tested and examined by hand.

Part worn tyres are 100% legal, safe and roadworthy, and are only a fraction of the cost of new.

You can search for your tyre size below (search by rim size), or just get in touch - we are sure we will have the tyre you want, and we are keen to help out!

Tyre Fitting

We can fit your tyre for £15* while you wait. Fitting includes:

* The charge is £30 for a dual rear wheel, due to extra labour costs.

Quick Enquiry

Please phone us on 0161 710 2069 or fill in the short form below - we have over 7,000 tyres in stock - we are sure we will have your tyre, at the right price.

Search Tyre Sizes

Select Rim size (rim diameter)

Tyre Thread Depth

Tyre tread is rubber on the outside of a tyre that makes contact with the road.
Tyres are required by law to have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm, and new tyres typically have a tyre depth of 8mm.

Here at the Part Worn Tyre Warehouse, we only supply tyres with a decent tyre depth - typically over 6mm, and often near to the manufacturer's original specification.

Manual Tyre Inspections

All of our tyres have passed a thorough safety inspection by our staff. We pressure test each tyre to a pressure of 3 bar.
Our tyre experts check for sidewall damage, repairs and bulges, checking both inside and out, to ensure that our tyres are safe, roadworthy, and well within the legal limits for tyre tread. If you have any questions, please get in touch, we are happy to help.

Buy The Brand

The big tyre brands make solid, reliable tyres - they have invested in design and materials, and you will find that a part worn tyre of a reputable brand will often give you more use than a cheap new tyre of an obscure brand.

Are part worn tyres old tyres?

We source our tyres from many places, with some from dealerships, whose customers will sometimes replace a whole set of tyres if only one has undue wear.
Many of our tyres have barely been driven on at all, and as such offer fantastic value form money.

Get In Touch

For quick, friendly service, please get in touch today - we have over 7,000 tyres in stock, and we are sure we will have the tyre you want, at the right price.

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UK Delivery
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Delivery from £9.95 for one tyre, with discounts available on multiple tyres.
Our South Manchester Warehouse and fitting centre [map] is open 7 days a week for tyre fitting:
  • Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
  • Sat: 9am - 4pm
  • Sun: 10am - 4pm
We respond to online enquiries 24/7
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